Monday, April 19, 2004

Oy... it's been crazy... let me see if I can catch up.

I brought the sweater to the yarn store for diagnosis & repair... I screwed it up enough that the woman asked me to LEAVE IT THERE so they could spend more time with it... which they did... and called me later that it was fixed. I picked it up 2 days later, and still have to finish it!

While I was there, I checked out yarns for Amy's baby blanket... the Cashmerino Super Chunky was WAY too heavy... but I decided the Cashmerino Aran would be just lovely. I had some reservation about spending $100 on a baby blanket... though it would certainly be stunning and Amy is well worth it... just knowing that it would be peed on etc, I guess... and they didn't have enough skeins of the color I wanted, so I decided to wait. I did pick up a ball of Opal sock yarn for when I finish these Koigu socks.

Well... when I got home, I decided to check Ebay for the yarn... and there it was... 15 skeins of Cashmerino Aran in exactly the color I wanted... so I bid... and watched... and waited... and WON... WHAT A STEAL! 15 skeins would have been $120 in the yarn store... with shipping and everything, I paid $72.50... can't wait til it arrives and I can start the Entrelac Shawl!

In the meantime, Sue's mom came to visit from West Virginia with a surprise for me... 2 LARGE bags of assorted yarn... she was cleaning out a cabinet in her church, and apparently it had been donated to them, and had been sitting around for a few years. It's mostly baby yarn-- If someone gives me yarn that was donated for good purposes, I like to do something charitable with it... so I promptly knitted a little pink preemie hat, and am working on a blue one. I'll probably do another Critter Knitters blankie with some of it as well.

Our second exam room is up & running... Sam is sick... hope to get some pictures up this week.


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