Monday, March 15, 2004

I win! I win! I'm a prize-winning poet... and now I know it! Check out WendyKnits to see WHO is the winner of her March limerick contest! Okay-- it's me! Woo hoo! Happy Day!

I'm going to add at least one blanket for Critter Knitters to my "to-be-knitted" list... maybe my luck will hold out & I'll win again! Regardless, I'll be keeping a kitty or a puppy warm & happy... so whether I get a prize or not, I'm definitely a winner. Yay!

So now to decide what to do with my limerick prize... I never knitted anything in laceweight before... Any ideas? I haven't figured out how to have space for comments yet-- but if you have a great idea, please e-mail me TZVECL at COMCAST dot NET... replacing the words with appropriate symbols of course :)


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