Thursday, February 12, 2004

Oh my God... I am totally going to be addicted to two-color knitting. My kit arrived from Bea Ellis yesterday-- I decided to try the headband first. I did the 11 rows of stockinette stitch in the cotton-- this will fold under to make a non-itchy lining for the headband. Then, after another 2 rows in the wool, I started the color chart-- wow wow wow! In retrospect, this probably wasn't the easiest first color project, as the pattern repeats are 40 stitches wide... but I LOVE IT! LOVE it! I like working with a color in each hand... I like following the pattern... and I LOVE the way it is coming out. It was hard to stop! I will still maintain a fairly mindless project, because this one requires me to concentrate... but it is SO cool!

I am wearing my multicolored knitted socks today- I love them too, and that in itself is motivation to finish the other socks. Knitting rules!


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