Monday, December 29, 2003

It is so much fun to finish a project. I'm a notorious starter... knitting is one of the few things I do where I occasionally finish what I start... but it does feel good to sew in that last loose end, and have a completed project! They're keeping my feet warm as I type!


Now, my dilemma is what to start next!!! Here are the options...

I got a fair isle how-to book for Chanukah. I want to make a hat to play with that technique. The ultimate goal is to do a sweater with it, but I need to learn how to do it first, so I need a good tiny project... I was thinking a 2-color hat would do the trick.

I want to make little baby socks for Sam with the leftover yarn from my socks. They'll be SO cute. I have a pattern-- not hard, just little tiny stitches on little tiny needles to make little tiny socks.

My mom left a whole entire book of sock patterns-- written for 2 circular needles. She couldn't figure out how to get started, and asked me to help. I couldn't help but leaf through it... SO interesting & makes me want to try one.

I have new yarn for a Booga Bag... not sure if the colors are going to be right to give it to Kiesha, but I actually miss knitting this. It is SO easy, and I'm thinking it might be perfect for the road trip to Leora's...

And of course, speaking of Leora, I did promise I'd work on her "S'Mittens"...

Sigh... Can't decide... gotta shower & go to work. Work interferes with knitting.


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